Short Stories

I’m going to include all the links to my short stories on this page to make them easier to find.

  1. Waking Up With Wings (Short Story)
  2. The Possum (Short Story)
  3. Sometimes I Wonder… (Story Fragment)
  4. The Lovers (Story Fragment)
  5. Trust (Story Fragment)
  6. Snow (Story Fragment)
  7. Adorable Arachnid (Story Fragment)
  8. Illusion (Story Fragment)
  9. Apples Aren’t Free (Story Fragment)
  10. Ghost Story (Short Story)
  11. Bird Rider (Story Fragmrnt)
  12. Swamp Dwellers (Story Fragment)
  13. Don’t Assume (Story Fragment)
  14. Echidna (Story Fragment)
  15. Unnecessary Sabotage (Short Story)
  16. Angel (Short Story)
  17. Hidden House (Story Fragment)
  18. Mirrors (Story Fragment)
  19. Shapeshifters (Story Fragment)

Also here is the link if you wanted to read the exergesis eplaining a story.