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I short poem with interesting structure.

Demons in the Well

I’ve made some bad decisions

I’ve done things

I’m not proud of

And wish I could change

But those choices

Have made me, me

If you’re going to point

Out my weakness

My flaws

Then do it

With loving sincerity

Because the last thing

I need

Is you laughing

In my face

Or reminding me

That at one point in time

I’ve failed

I don’t care who you are

A friend

A lover

A family member

If you bring up my failures

With a smile on your face

Just for today

I’ll allow myself

Just for today,

I hate you.

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Darkness response to Writing Prompt #349

A story exploring the fear of darkness with a creepy twist at the end justifying the fear.

Response to Writing Prompt #349

Demons in the Well

You’re scared of the dark.

It’s cool, so is everyone else. But no, yours is more than just an irrational fear. It plagues and haunts your every move. You refuse to be in the dark, god forbid you have to enter a dark room. All lights have to be on in your presence. Most people think you’re just cautious.

You also have a strange way of turning on lights. You never enter a room first. You allow your hand to guide you, flipping the switch before stepping past the threshold. You wait another moment before actually going inside. People watch you do this. You seem methodical and almost robotic. Everyone thinks you’re slightly strange but are amused. They leave you alone to your antics and no one questions it.

You’re always worried that someone will pin point the why. But how could they? Everyone’s a little strange.

Turns out you’re…

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