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Bird Rider (Story Fragment)


The clouds hung grey and heavy over the hill dotted haphazardly with houses. Their size varied from tiny units to massive eight bedroom, two story giants. Trees mottled the remaining space forming green organic blobs among the red square rooves. A bird sat on a TV antenna occasionally letting out a chirp calling to the other birds. Then it took off with a clatter of feathered wings. Sief held on tight to its neck feathers. If she fell her own wings were probably still not strong enough to save her from this height, even if it was only one story. The bird finally landed. Sief quickly slid to the ground. The bird ruffled its feathers and took off again. She looked up through the broccoli leaves to watch it fly away.

Image Writing Prompt #2


Writing Prompt #2:

‘Are you a mermaid?’

‘No but people often mistake me for one.’

Ghost Story (Short Story)


Wind hissed past my ears as I ran downhill. Sticks and gravel skidded under my feet occasionally. I had to check my pace as I hurtled past trees. If I tripped they would catch me. I hadn’t seen them but I could hear them behind me their panting an echo of mine. They called for me to stop. There was no way I was stopping not with a ghost chasing me. I didn’t dare glance back at the shadowy figure. I had nearly caught up to my friends. I yelled at them to run. Then I was in the middle of them. They grabbed me asking what was wrong spinning me around.

‘Ghost,’ I panted pulling at them to run with me.

I couldn’t see them but I could hear them around the corner panting and feet slipping. Then just as my friends were starting to run the girl rounded the corner.

‘Wait,’ she panted, ‘your phone.’

We all stopped and looked back at her and my friends looked at me with looks that asked seriously that’s your ghost.

‘Thanks,’ I took my phone from her, ‘I thought you were a ghost, I’m sorry I ran.’

She smiled at me and vanished.

Writing Challenge #2


Writing Challenge #2: Write down every word you can think of to describe a beach and what is on it. Write at least 30. Now write a paragraph or a poem about the beach without using any of those words.

Image Writing Prompt #1


Writing Prompt #1:

‘I’m not afraid of you.’

‘You should be I just turned into a wolf.’

‘But you’re still you.’

Apples Aren’t Free (Story Fragment)


The apples clung to the branches in small unripe clusters. The tree was not quite leafy enough to hide them from sight. I waited expectantly for the birds to land. A crimson rosella landed, swayed for a second and tipped upside down. I leapt for its head by teeth snapped on empty air. I barked furiously as it flapped away. I lay down under the tree to wait panting a little. Another rosella landed, managing to stay upright. It sidled down the branch. I watched it carefully as the branch dipped lower under its weight. I stood up slowly muscles quivering with anticipation. I launched myself towards it jaws wide. I snapped them shut on a mouthful of feathers. I licked my mouth finding barely a trace of blood and the bird flapped away.

Writing Challenge #1


Writing Challenge #1: Write a poem or story where the first letters of each line or paragraph make a word or the alphabet. For example:

Below me lies the ground

I see it as I fly

Ready am I to sing as

Daylight fills the sky

New Years Resolutions and Blog Goals 2017

img_3468I had a number of goals and resolutions for this blog last year here are the links to two of the posts, New Years Resolutions and Blog Goals 2016.

My first goal was to increase view, visitors and posts on my blog. I wanted 2500 views, 900 visitors and 200 posts. I had 6010 views, 2040 visitors and 257 posts. This year I want to write 400 posts including 300 writing prompts.

My second goal was to write twelve short stories of at least 500 words and post them on this blog. I did write them but as I predicted I wasn’t happy enough with most of them to share them with the world. However I did share one short story around 500 words and five around 100 words. This year I want to write and post 12 stories on this blog of any length.

My third goal was to post 40 poems on this blog but I only posted 9. This year I want to write and post 12 poems on this blog.

My last was to read and discover more blogs which I definitely did do. I even shared a couple. This year I want to continue to read and discover more blogs.