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100 Writing Prompts

So I reached 100 Purpldragon writing prompts. Part way through posting them daily I changed the name of my blog to Dragonition. I thought 100 was a good point to stop the Purpldragon prompts and switch to Dragonition Prompts. I will start from 1 again  and I will try not to repeat anything. Also I am going to try to make my Purpldragon Writing Prompts Page more user friendly at the moment it is a list and it is not particularly helpful in my opinion.

New Blog Title


I have changed the title of my blog from ‘purpldragon’ to ‘Dragoniton’. I know it could be a bad idea because it might be confusing for people and make it harder to find. However I have been wanting to change it for a while. I’m sorry if you don’t like it.

Why Writing Prompts

IMG_3471I haven’t been posting much on my blog anymore, except writing prompts. Why?

Well I wanted to improve the quality of the content on here. I’ve been trying to put images with my posts. I’ve been trying to write some short stories. Mind you I have about thirty short stories from april that are unedited because I was trying to write one a day for the month. It went better than expected but there is a lot of editing to do. So I’ve just been posting writing prompts everyday because they are quick and I can make a lot of them in advance and post them one at a time. Also they are fun. Hopefully they are useful and not just pretty. Anyway hopefully I will start doing some regular posting again.