The Lovers (story fragment)

They sat holding hands on the rail of the bridge bare legs swinging.

‘Should we jump?’

‘I don’t know it’s a long way down.’

‘Other people have done it.’

‘I’m scared.’

‘We don’t have to.’

‘Will you think I’m a coward?’

‘No just the sensible person I fell in love with.’

‘I love you.’

‘I love you too.’

‘Let’s do it.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes I trust you.’

Together they slide down so their feet were on the bridge and their arms still on the railing. Then still holding hands they jump into misty air and fell towards the river.

This is a fictional short story fragment.

25 thoughts on “The Lovers (story fragment)

  1. Will you finish the story? I would love for me and my partner to do this. To be trusted with her trust is a dream come true. Conquering fears together.. Not judging each other.. Loving each other.. in union.. together… I love her. Please finish the story

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      1. They jumped in the river, played games, made love. Got out, changed clothes, built a camp fire, told each other secrets… is this just some inspiration?? maybe climbed a mountain, went hiking, something sweaty.

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  2. That’s really sweet.
    Sometimes, it’s very easy to get lost in the discourse of the novel. It’s easy to neglect the dialogue and that’s something you haven’t neglected at all.
    It’s very believable – honest – real.
    Well written.

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  3. You could continue the story by going into the thoughts of each of them, of why they got to this point, like their life flashing before their eyes. Have they committed a crime, running from the police their, families? An inspiring start! 🙂

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