Monthly Archives: July 2016


If I saw me,

What would I see?

Would it be me?


Or would it be

A reflection of

What I wanted to be?


When I see you,

What will I see?

Will I see you?


Or will it be

What you wish

For me to see?


We see us,

What do we see?

Do we see us?


Or are we self created visions?

What the colours meant

I was feeling childish and petty

And I didn’t feel like telling

What the colours meant


They meant more than one thing

To me at least. I thought why

Should I say what they meant


Into consideration must me taken

The context and location

To know what they meant


To most they meant nothing

The colours simple pretty

And nothing by them meant


Or maybe they were telling

The people already knowing

What the combination meant


Subtle Signs

Let slip subtle signs

No one sees, OR

They pretend they HAVE

NOT seen.

Colours, words, silences

They IGNOR or miss

THEM. The signs

That could have told


Be open to the words

They don’t bite

THEY can’t

They’re WORDS aren’t they?

Or are they more

‘Do we need them?’

YOU ask


Bring people together

Then why not let them


We have a NEED

To explain, to categorise

Don’t WE

All just want to belong?