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Cooking Plum Jam and Stewing Fruit

Mum and I were at the shops today. The green grocer had a whole grocery bag full of stone fruit for $3:00. We stewed the peaches and nectarines with a little sugar. We also used the plums to make five jars of jam.

Recipe is as follows:

170g plums including skin and stones cut in half

170g sugar

2 cups water

4 teaspoons lemon juice

Stew until it thickens when dripped on a plate. Remove skin and stones. Sterilize jars and ladle in the jam.

By the way it was very yummy.

The Python

The python lay in wait for prey,

Nothing could keep that monster at bay.

It’s eyes upon a bird did land,

The bird upon the ground did stand.

It opened its mouth wide,

And caught the bird inside.

It quickly wrapped its coils around,

The bird couldn’t move or make a sound.

That poor old bird it got squeezed,

It suffocated, how could it breath?

When the bird died he was gobbled up,

If you are a bird in the air, I would stay up.


There are many types of fears,

Fears can make you burst into tears.

Fears were made for your safety,

Fears can inspire great bravery.

We all have, our own fears,

They will pass and change, over the years.

Is fear good? I think I know,

Its for a reason and it is so.

i wrote this a while ago hope you enjoyed it.


Spiders are creepy, there is no doubt in that.

They hide in dark corners and under my hat.

They build webs where that’ll surly get in my face.

They want me to scream and myself disgrace.

I try to refrain, even when they,

Crawl down my leg, I don’t want to play.

They sit and they wait, eyes watching me,

They are waiting for, the best opportunity.

When I see one sitting in wait,

I know I shouldn’t take the bait.

I want so bad, to take my shoe,

And belt that poor spider, to TImbuktu.

Sorry spiders but you really scare me.

Why can’t you, simply leave me be.

Lonely Heart

Do you hear, that sound so clear?

Does it echo, in your ear?

When you touch, the smooth cool bark?

Does it, in you, light up a spark?

Does that taste, a memory stir?

Does it remind, you of her?

When you smell, crushed Autumn leaves?

Does it, remind you, that one grieves?

Do you see, what I see?

Does what you see, set you free?

Does seeing it, make you happy?

Or your heart, feel more lonely?

Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder what should I write?

Not every issue, is black and white.

Sometimes I wonder how should I feel?

Not every ones will is created with steel.

Sometimes I wonder what will come next?

Not every answer can be, found in text.

Sometimes I wonder what should I do?

Should it be something for me or you?

Sometimes I wonder what does it mean?

Not all answers come from what’s seen.

Sometimes I wonder…

Poetry – Birds

I write poetry occasionally. Most of it’s silly and lighthearted. I always write rhyming poetry and I try to get it to have some form of rhythm. For me the rhyming is easier. Sometimes when I’m having trouble talking about something directly I find it easier to just write a poem.

When my Dad went over seas on a holiday a few years ago I wrote him a book of poems for him to read one a day. Some of them are quiet amusing and I thought I’d share one. If you like it I’ll share some more.


Some are colourful, some are plain,

Some are mad and some are sain.

Some are hunters, some are pray,

Some are quiet some will play.

Some can only make harsh noises,

While others were given very sweet voices.

Some can talk and imitate noises,

Others don’t have as many choices.

There are many types of bird,

And they all like to make themselves heard.

My thoughts

My thoughts are my thoughts and my thoughts alone.

Don’t read them unless I offer, they’re mine to own.

Here I offer them up for you to read, if you choose.

But don’t take for granted, that the rest are yours to use.

They may be on paper, no longer in my head.

But don’t assume they’re there, just to be read.

They’re there because I trusted, that people understood.

That they were mine, not yours to read, I didn’t think you would.