Monthly Archives: December 2014


I’m addicted to, this thing called chocolate.

Without it for me, my life is desolate.

A day without eating it, I can’t for see.

If I ran out, then sad would be me.

Chocolate may be, my only addiction.

Though later this, may seem a contradiction.

If addiction to chocolate, comes so easy.

I guess it’s best to steer clear of smokes, booze and coffee.

Those three I’ve not, dared yet to try.

I’ve also stayed clear of thing, that could make me high.

Well that’s all I have, for the moment I think.

About my love of chocolate, that I’ve put down with ink.

The Worth of Human Life

Is one human life worth more than another’s?

Is your sister’s life worth more than your brother’s?

Why should we execute those that we fear?

Is it really to protect, those we hold dear?

Why do we justify, killing for wars?

Why do we justify it, for a ‘good’ cause?

Should one person die so many might live?

Is it okay to kill, if the action’s defensive?

I ask these questions for the answers, I truly don’t know,

You may try to answer if you wish, you can give it a go.


I don’t drink coffee

Not even frothy

I hate the buzz

And the brain fuzz

It makes me shake

I’m scared I’ll break

Plus it tastes bad

That makes me sad

Now don’t ask why

I’ve told you why

I don’t drink coffee

Not even frothy

Hope you enjoyed this silly little poem. Let me know in the comments what you thought.