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Image Writing Prompt #71


Writing Prompt #71:

‘You have to get control of your curse before it destroys all of us.’

‘But I don’t want to.’

‘You don’t want to but why?’

‘I want it to destroy everyone in this world.’


Writing Challenge Response #4 – A Speck of Dust

I love this it is interesting perspective to write from.

Journal Days

Hey y’all! This is another response to Dragonition’s Writing Challenges. Don’t forget to check out the original post!

A Speck of Dust

This tiny, insignificant particle of dust. It came to be after some terrible person trampled on its home and family. His poor parents told him to run away, to find higher ground right before they were separated. He then hid in a dark corner, out of sight from the giants that ruined his life. A colony of strange and tiny little beings then moved onto him a few months after his solitude began. The speck of dust became great friends with the tiny beings, though they did make him gain some weight. His solitude ended in that corner of the old bookshelf, and he could feel himself coming back to life. He  gave a solemn vow to protect the colony until the end of time, but everything…

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The water pressed in at him from all sides, cold and suffocating. He forced his eyes open, they burned with cold and slowly adjusted to the minimal light. He looked around frantically for the key hoping it wasn’t out of reach on the ocean floor. He could see nothing on the bottom the river sludge had been too stirred up and rose shifting in clouds. Then a tiny stream of bubbles caught his eye. He kicked down his muscles and lungs screaming. The chain attached to his leg catching and pulling at him and his body telling him to go the other way. His hands grazed the bottom. He scrambled for something to grab hold of to keep himself there. Something sharp snagged his fingers and then they touched something that felt right. He was losing consciousness and desperate to breath in but knew he couldn’t. He somehow fumbled the key into the lock at his ankle and breathed in turning the key as he chocked. He rose no longer held down by the concreate and chains. His head broke the surface. He spewed water coughing and gaging. He thrashed his way to the far bank. Spewed more water and collapsed on the rocks. He didn’t even have the energy to find amusement in the fact they’d thrown the key in first to taunt him with hope only to throw him on top of it and leave. They were overconfident and now they would pay for it. When he had a little more energy anyway.