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Writing Prompts #3

This is the third post in a series of writing prompts for anyone to use. They are mostly aimed at fiction writers. They are just different ways to get a story started. Here is my third set there should be more to follow.

  1. Your character is not human but they are the only one who knows this.
  2. Everything tastes like strawberry to your main character why?
  3. Write a story where the genre changes every five lines.
  4. Write and unlikely romance between two characters.
  5. Start by describing water.
  6. Your character is super tired but can’t go to sleep.
  7. Write a story then write it again from another characters perspective.
  8. Include your favourite food in your story.
  9. Choose a random object now when your character picks it up they are taken somewhere it could be literal or a memory.
  10. What is something you miss?
  11. Give your main character the three best and the three worst personality characteristics you can.
  12. Your character does something they regret at first but come to realise it is okay.
  13. Write your story from a characters perspective now write it from the perspective of a character that you think will not know enough.
  14. Write about best friends and show what that means.
  15. Your character finds themselves in your favourite book…