8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #389

  1. It was 10:30 A.M on a Saturday morning. University of Chicago student Bella was just now waking up. She sat up on her bed, stretched out, and looked at her clock that read 10:30 A.M
    “You must have been partying last night. You were snoring like crazy” Bella’s roommate Nelly said typing on her laptop on her desk.
    Bella signed.
    “Nelly, it’s late October and you still have not attended any parties or social events,” Bella said.

    “I don’t have time for that. I’m a double major and I have tons of work to do” Nelly said.
    “You’re top of your class with a 4.0 GPA. It will not hurt you at all to spend one day to attend a party or at least hang out with me” Bella said. Nelly turned around to look at Bella.

    “Look, Bella, I’m not like other students. I don’t believe in taking breaks. It takes hard work to get where you want in life” Nelly said. Bella stared at Nelly.

    “I heard so many stories of people who got addicted to the party life and flunk out. I can’t be an Astrophysicist if I flunk out. I have to be splendid” Nelly said. Bella rolled her eyes at Nelly and laid back down on her bed. Nelly turned back around and picked up her hairbrush next to her laptop.

    “But I am going out tonight. I’m going on a date” Nelly said. Bella’s eyes widen and stood up again from her bed.
    “Are you serious?” Bella asked.
    “Yeah, it’s with Aaron. We’re going to a dinner and movie tonight at 8 PM” Nelly said. Bella smiled.
    “Well, how about we go shopping for your dress?’ Bella asked.
    “Sure,” Nelly said.

    “You look so beautiful, Nelly” Aaron said as he drove to the movie theaters. Nelly showed off her svelte figure by wearing a short black spaghetti strap dress with red stilettos.

    “You look amazing too, Aaron” Nelly said.
    Aaron was one of Nelly’s physics professors. The two met when Nelly was a freshman and started dating last month. At the movie theaters, while Aaron and Nelly watched the previews, Aaron heard a familiar voice behind him.

    “I heard this movie is amazing!” the lady shouted. The female voice was Aaron’s wife friend. Aaron closed his eyes praying that his wife wasn’t with her.
    “The trailer made me tempted to come” Aaron’s wife said.
    “Crap” Aaron said in a low tone
    “What’s the matter” Nelly asked.
    Aaron grabbed Nelly’s arm and quickly ran out of the movie theaters. A week later, Aaron met up with Nelly at a hotel downtown Chicago.
    “I’m so glad you’re here” Nelly said smiling and lying on the bed.
    “Look, I have something to tell you” Aaron said.
    “What is it?” Nelly asked
    Aaron sighed.
    “My wife saw us at the movie theaters a week ago, and we got into a big argument” Aaron said.
    “Wait, your wife? You told me you were single” Nelly said jumping out of the bed.
    “It was a moment of weakest” Aaron said
    “Well, are you going to leave her?” Nelly asked.
    “My wife told me it was either you or her” Aaron said. Nelly stared at Aaron for a moment waiting for him to make a decision.
    “I choose her. She’s the mother of my children” Aaron said.
    “But I love you and I know you love me” Nelly said.
    Aaron turned around heading for the door.
    “I’m sorry Nelly” Aaron said.
    “Please don’t leave me!” Nelly repeatedly said screaming and crying. Aaron stopped at the door.
    “Can you at least stay with me for the weekend?” Nelly asked. Aaron headed towards Nelly and kissed her on the lips. He was willing to stay a couple of nights but no longer than that.

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