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Mirrors (Story Fragment)

Every way she turned there was something reflecting her. She’d catch glimpses of her face, her legs or the whole of herself. Often it gave her a fright she didn’t connect to the person in the mirror. It wasn’t that she wasn’t self-aware it was the person reflected in the mirror was not who she was. It was like seeing herself in a costume she had forgotten she had put on. She tried not to look in mirrors for the most part but here she couldn’t avoid them. She was trapped in a house full of mirrors.


If I saw me,

What would I see?

Would it be me?


Or would it be

A reflection of

What I wanted to be?


When I see you,

What will I see?

Will I see you?


Or will it be

What you wish

For me to see?


We see us,

What do we see?

Do we see us?


Or are we self created visions?