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Writing Challenge #3 Response – 4-H is the Worst

Haha his is a great response 🙂

Journal Days

Hey y’all!T his is another response to Dragonition’s Writing Challenges. If you haven’t already, please check out my other responses here. Also, don’t forget to visit the original post! (Please understand that this is the opposite of how I actually feel about 4-H and my whole personality.)

4-H is the Worst

4-H is the most terribly, most absolutely worst. Club. Ever.

Having to work together with people face to face?

Inconceivable! And everything is a challenge!

So not only am I to work with others, but I have to work at it.

There are so many practices to go to, and

Having to show up to all of them makes my social life hard.

Everyone now has to wait until after 8:00 PM to see my

Wonderful selfies that I post ten times a day.

Oh, and the contests are usually hours away.

Really? Waking up at five…

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The Battle (Response to Writing Challenge #17)

A response to Writing Challenge #17 can be found here ‘The Battle’ by Reena Saxena

Reena Saxena

Dragonition Prompt


Life had been wasted in fighting the battle of mind-sets.

The battle of life had been wasted in fighting mind-sets.

The mind-sets had been wasted in fighting the battle of life.

The battle had been wasted in fighting mind-sets of life.

Prompted by

Dragonition Writing Challenge-17

Image: crazybeautifulchaos.blogspot.in

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Writing Challenge #24


Writing Challenge #24: Start with a single word for example dragon and write it in the middle of your page. Then write words that you associate with your word (dragon) around it with lines connecting back to the word (dragon) such as fire, flying, and scales. Then do the same for each of those words.

Writing Challenge #22


Writing Challenge #22: Write a four part/paragraph short story or poem. For your first paragraph write in a fantasy genre, in the second write in a science fiction genre, in the third write in a thriller genre and in the last write in a romance genre.

Writing Challenge #21


Writing Challenge #21: Write from the perspective of a character who is not central to the plot or who is not the main hero. For example the side kick or the friend of the character that everything is happening to.

Writing Challenge #18


Writing Challenge #18: Write about where you are without using what you see only use your other four senses to describe where you are.

Writing Challenge #17


Writing Challenge #17: Write a short sentence, now rearrange it as many ways as you can to change the meaning. For example:

Jack and Jill went up the hill.

Up the hill went Jack and Jill.

Jack went up the hill and Jill…

Writing Challenge #16


Writing Challenge #16: Pick two random chapters from any book or books. Use the first sentence of one chapter to begin your story or poem and the last sentence from the other chapter to end your story or poem.

Writing Challenge #14


Writing Challenge #14: Pick a number for example five. Go to a bookshelf take your fifth book from your bookshelf, go to page five and find the fifth line. Now write a story or poem starting with that line.

Writing Challenge #12


Writing Challenge #12: Choose a colour now spend five minutes looking around and taking note of things you see that are that colour. Now use your notes to make a story or poem.

Writing Challenge #11


Writing Challenge #11: Find two or three ads in a magazine or newspaper. Now write a short story or poem using only the words found in the ads.

Writing Challenge #10


Writing Challenge #10: Choose a person you have seen recently but don’t know very well. Now write about an encounter you had with them from their perspective.

Writing Challenge #9


Writing Challenge #9: Pick a person you love and a person you don’t like. Write a character with the personality of one person and the physicality of the other.

Writing Challenge #6


Writing Challenge #6: Choose an animal that would make an unlikely pet now write an ad selling it as a pet. For example a boa constrictor or a giant squid.

Writing Challenge #2


Writing Challenge #2: Write down every word you can think of to describe a beach and what is on it. Write at least 30. Now write a paragraph or a poem about the beach without using any of those words.

Writing Challenge #1


Writing Challenge #1: Write a poem or story where the first letters of each line or paragraph make a word or the alphabet. For example:

Below me lies the ground

I see it as I fly

Ready am I to sing as

Daylight fills the sky