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Snow (Story Fragment)


I followed the footprints in the snow. I didn’t have any other option. I was a city girl lost in the forest and my last memory was of a bag being pulled over my head.

The footprints stopped at the stairs leading up to the log cabin. My hand shook as I knocked on the door. An old woman opened it.

‘Please I need help,’ I said though chattering teeth.

‘I was wondering if you’d turn up,’ she smiled, ‘they said you fell out of the truck, they’ve been searching for hours.’

I turned to run but she was faster and stronger, grabbing my arm and pulling me inside.

Snowed Under

Snow falling in sheets,

In thin paper sheets.

The pages online,

In lines that all rhyme.

Through layers of links,

Like snow that just sinks.

It all seems endless,

But it’s for the best,

When it is all read,

I’ll sleep well in bed.

My eyes may fall out,

But it’s what it’s about,

That makes it worth while,

It still makes me smile.