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New Years Resolutions and Blog Goals 2017

img_3468I had a number of goals and resolutions for this blog last year here are the links to two of the posts, New Years Resolutions and Blog Goals 2016.

My first goal was to increase view, visitors and posts on my blog. I wanted 2500 views, 900 visitors and 200 posts. I had 6010 views, 2040 visitors and 257 posts. This year I want to write 400 posts including 300 writing prompts.

My second goal was to write twelve short stories of at least 500 words and post them on this blog. I did write them but as I predicted I wasn’t happy enough with most of them to share them with the world. However I did share one short story around 500 words and five around 100 words. This year I want to write and post 12 stories on this blog of any length.

My third goal was to post 40 poems on this blog but I only posted 9. This year I want to write and post 12 poems on this blog.

My last was to read and discover more blogs which I definitely did do. I even shared a couple. This year I want to continue to read and discover more blogs.

Blog Goals 2016

  1. In 2015 I had 2190 views, 858 visitors and 178 posts. I want to have more views (2500), more visitors (900) and most of all more posts (200).

2. In 2015 I posted 1 short story on this blog. I want to publish 12 short stories on this blog that I have written this year.

3. In 2015 I posted 27 poems on this blog. I want to post at leat 40 this year.

4. I want to read more blogs and discover more blogs I like.