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To Market

Here is a responnse to one of my prompts by nombredelapluma. Please go check out their blog.


He had never been good at striking a bargain
His mother should have known
Better than to send him to market
Never know what you’re going to get

Worried, he told himself these things,
Not wanting to be a disappointment
He had coins in his bag she said should be enough
But no candy or fluff

He wasn’t smart, he told himself, a lie
But he was strong, willing to learn and try

At the markets’ edge he met a man
Who said, catch the pig, and if you can,
He’s yours to keep, but if you fail
I get your money and the pig, tip to tail

Back at home he talked to animals
So he whispered to the pig about future meals
And shook the strangers’ hand
Who oiled the pig with a grease can

The man was surprised to watch the pig
Jump into the boy’s arms…

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Confusion is all part of growing,

It comes from now knowing,

That you don’t fit in the boxes.


Some of the boxes are inflexible,

They make you uncomfortable,

But some have a bit of give.


The boxes, are inescapable,

Though some are very unstable,

And new ones can be made.


So don’t give up, be brave,

Find ones you’d like to save,

Or, make the new ones.



My room now resembles something vaguely functional,

A place that now feels far more manageable.

It no longer looks like a crime scene,

The floor can suddenly be seen.

My desk is clear of the piles of books,

That threatened to fall at the slightest of knocks.

But there’s still plenty to be done,

Lurking in the corners out of the sun.

Does anyone else…

Does anyone else, see faces in wood?

Does anyone else, feel misunderstood?

Does anyone else, feel safe in bed?

Does anyone else, call spiders Fred?

Does anyone else, see dragons in clouds?

Does anyone else, feel anxious in crowds?

Does anyone else, feel safe high in a tree?

Does anyone else, or is it just me?

Dear Mum

You may be the only mother, that I ever had,

But you are the best, don’t worry about that.

Thank you for always, being there for me,

Even when I drive you, totally crazy.

Thank you for loving me, no matter what,

I don’t know if you know, but it really means a lot.

I’ll love you back forever, we both know that is true,

I just want to tell you, just how much, I love you.


The stages of a cold,

Are something to behold.

They go a bit like this,

They start with just a sniff.

Then you have a headache,

A sore throat and an earache.

You feel completely miserable,

But noticing people are unable.

Then you suddenly feel okay,

But your nose almost runs away.

Then suddenly everyone notices,

Your sick, giving sympathy overdoses.

Winter Weather

Of all the year round the best time of all,

Is winter when you want to predict the rainfall.

This usually works, when you live in Croydon,

You’ll be glad of my advice when you don’t get rained on.

When you open your door on a bright sunny morning,

Don’t be fooled, just listen to me and take my warning,

The rain will be falling in the next twelve hours,

The frogs will be happy and so will the flowers.

When you open the door and its misty and cold,

Don’t be put off, that weather won’t hold,

The sun will come out and banish the fog,

But predicting rainy mornings is like predicting a dog.

The Python

The python lay in wait for prey,

Nothing could keep that monster at bay.

It’s eyes upon a bird did land,

The bird upon the ground did stand.

It opened its mouth wide,

And caught the bird inside.

It quickly wrapped its coils around,

The bird couldn’t move or make a sound.

That poor old bird it got squeezed,

It suffocated, how could it breath?

When the bird died he was gobbled up,

If you are a bird in the air, I would stay up.


There are many types of fears,

Fears can make you burst into tears.

Fears were made for your safety,

Fears can inspire great bravery.

We all have, our own fears,

They will pass and change, over the years.

Is fear good? I think I know,

Its for a reason and it is so.

i wrote this a while ago hope you enjoyed it.