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Cleaning 2

Tomorrow I will clean my room,

Wash the windows and vaccume.

Pick up clothes to hang and fold,

Cleaning up makes me feel bold.

Dusting books, and sorting them,

By the authors name again.

Clearing off all the flat surfaces,

There will be more open spaces.

Get rid of things I shouldn’t keep,

Leave room to walk, work and sleep.


Blog Goals 2016

  1. In 2015 I had 2190 views, 858 visitors and 178 posts. I want to have more views (2500), more visitors (900) and most of all more posts (200).

2. In 2015 I posted 1 short story on this blog. I want to publish 12 short stories on this blog that I have written this year.

3. In 2015 I posted 27 poems on this blog. I want to post at leat 40 this year.

4. I want to read more blogs and discover more blogs I like.