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Characters For An Epic Tale


Image Writing Prompt #12


Writing Prompt #12

‘We’ll have to find another way to get to those mountains.’

‘Why can’t we just walk through the flowers?’

‘Because we won’t make it through them alive.’

Image Writing Prompt #11


Writing Prompt #11

‘Look a fox.’

‘That’s not a fox.’

‘Then what is it?’

‘A witch.’

Image Writing Prompt #10


Writing Prompt #10:

‘Please don’t drive past, I don’t know how much longer I can stand here.’

Image Writing Prompt #9


Writing Prompt #9:

‘There’s the castle.’

‘It’s still a day’s walk away.’

Image Writing Prompt #8


Writing Prompt #8:

‘Which way is up?’

‘Watch the bubbles.’

Image Writing Prompt #7


Writing Prompt #7:

‘Please don’t eat me.’

‘Why would I do that, humans taste terrible.’

Image Writing Prompt #6


Writing Prompt #6:

‘Where are you going?’

‘To take a picture.’

‘Of what?’

‘I don’t know yet.’

Image Writing Prompt #5


Writing Prompt #5:

‘So you don’t live in toadstools?’

‘Of course not what do you think we are common fairies.’

Image Writing Prompt #4


Writing Prompt #4:

‘Who’s there?’


‘Come in I’ll put a cuppa on.’

Image Writing Prompt #3


Writing Prompt #3:



‘We have to get home before dark.’


‘We’ll be eaten, now run!’

Image Writing Prompt #2


Writing Prompt #2:

‘Are you a mermaid?’

‘No but people often mistake me for one.’

Image Writing Prompt #1


Writing Prompt #1:

‘I’m not afraid of you.’

‘You should be I just turned into a wolf.’

‘But you’re still you.’

Apples Aren’t Free (Story Fragment)


The apples clung to the branches in small unripe clusters. The tree was not quite leafy enough to hide them from sight. I waited expectantly for the birds to land. A crimson rosella landed, swayed for a second and tipped upside down. I leapt for its head by teeth snapped on empty air. I barked furiously as it flapped away. I lay down under the tree to wait panting a little. Another rosella landed, managing to stay upright. It sidled down the branch. I watched it carefully as the branch dipped lower under its weight. I stood up slowly muscles quivering with anticipation. I launched myself towards it jaws wide. I snapped them shut on a mouthful of feathers. I licked my mouth finding barely a trace of blood and the bird flapped away.

I saw a ghost


I saw a ghost while driving

I was on my way to work

When I saw it and it saw me

As it drifted slowly by

I saw a ghost while walking

I was taking my dog with me

It saw us, my dog was indifferent

As he was busy decorating a tree

I saw a ghost while waiting

For the arrival of the train

I looked at it and it at me

It vanished with the first drop of rain

I saw a ghost while reading

I was sitting up in a tree

It drifted down behind me

To read my book with me