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I’m Tired

I’m tired of staying up late,

I’m tired of sleeping past eight.

I’m tired of uni assessments,

And ridiculous group assignments.

I’m tired of all the confusion,

I’m tired of this seclusion.

I’m tired of rushing around,

And there being too much sound.

I’m tired of missing my mates,

I’m tired of the lack of debates.

I’m tired of all the disasters,

And the ridiculously happy broadcasters.

I’m tired of living in moments,

I’m tired of missing components.

I’m tired of missing the past,

And fearing what the future will cast.

I’m tired…


There are many types of fears,

Fears can make you burst into tears.

Fears were made for your safety,

Fears can inspire great bravery.

We all have, our own fears,

They will pass and change, over the years.

Is fear good? I think I know,

Its for a reason and it is so.

i wrote this a while ago hope you enjoyed it.


Spiders are creepy, there is no doubt in that.

They hide in dark corners and under my hat.

They build webs where that’ll surly get in my face.

They want me to scream and myself disgrace.

I try to refrain, even when they,

Crawl down my leg, I don’t want to play.

They sit and they wait, eyes watching me,

They are waiting for, the best opportunity.

When I see one sitting in wait,

I know I shouldn’t take the bait.

I want so bad, to take my shoe,

And belt that poor spider, to TImbuktu.

Sorry spiders but you really scare me.

Why can’t you, simply leave me be.