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Spread your wings


Spread your wings and fly away

Don’t come back again today

Let your wings carry you far

Past the moon to a distant star

You’ll be safe there despite the heat

You were made for fire not sleet

Lay your egg there where it can hatch

And where it’s safe from those who snatch

Now go before I change my mind

Don’t be the last one of your kind


Trust (Story Fragment)

img_3487When you tell someone you have a dragon and they tell everyone. Everyone thinks you’re crazy.

Walking into school I could feel everyone staring. My dragon coiled its tail around my neck so tight I could barely breathe. I knew no one else could see it.

At lunch I sat alone under a tree. Rob sat down beside me. I glanced over at him. He twitched and rubbed his ear.

‘I can’t see your dragon but I believe you when you say it’s there,’ he said, ‘I have a goblin, it drives me crazy.’

We smiled at each other and my dragon licked my nose.