Writing Challenge #1


Writing Challenge #1: Write a poem or story where the first letters of each line or paragraph make a word or the alphabet. For example:

Below me lies the ground

I see it as I fly

Ready am I to sing as

Daylight fills the sky


11 thoughts on “Writing Challenge #1

  1. Reblogged this on Teara's Thoughts and commented:
    Alone I stay
    Broken down and tired
    Crying out for someone
    Darkness surrounding me
    Emptiness is my only reply
    Fear of losing myself
    Growing despair
    Hollow feeling in my chest
    Innocence slipping away
    Just enough to let me feel the pain
    Killing me slowly
    Loneliness wrapping it’s hands around my heart
    Making me freeze
    Nothingness filling my soul
    Overbearing weight crashing down on me
    Promises broken so many times
    Questions left unanswered
    Reality fading from my eyes
    Screams futile in this place
    Tears pouring from my eyes
    Unwanted and discarded like trash
    Void of all value
    Wasting away
    X marking the point of no return
    Years of torment
    Zero chance of survival

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