3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #58

  1. He wasn’t much to look at. She might not have ever noticed him at all, but one day, she did.
    His routine seemed to cause them to cross paths now and then. She noticed that and tried not to let on that she noticed. One day he smiled, but then looked away, seeming very shy. And then the next time, again. It wasn’t like he was arranging their meetings deliberately or anything. They were just two strangers passing one another on the way to their lives. He said “hello,” first, one day. She decided his honey-brown eyes were nice. Some days she didn’t see him when she anticipated, and wondered about his life, and what events might have taken him away from his routine. Eventually they struck up a conversation, just briefly. She liked the way his nose was, just a little crooked. She started to look forward to seeing the man with the kind, honey eyes and the crooked nose. She didn’t realise she was becoming addicted until it was too late.~ DM


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