Writing Prompts #2

This is the second post in a series of writing prompts for anyone to use. They are mostly aimed at fiction writers. They are just different ways to get a story started. Here is my second set there should be more to follow.

  1. What is the weirdest super power you can come up with now give it to your main character.
  2. Write a story with a really good excuse for being late.
  3. Write a story from the bad guys perspective but don’t reveal until the last minute what you’ve done.
  4. Take a random page from the newspaper and pick out 10-20 words, now make a story with them.
  5. Write a story about flight.
  6. What is something you recently tried for the first time, write about it.
  7. Your main character is stuck in a cave alone for 24 hours or more, what do they do?
  8. Write a story about running.
  9. If your subconscious was an animal or creature what would it be, write about it or make up one for your character/s.
  10. Write about a character who has something different about them that makes them feel like they can’t fit in to begin with.
  11. You’re character suddenly can’t speak the same language as everyone around them, what happened and what do they do?
  12. Write about someone observing another person watching something.
  13. Write about someone who is the opposite to you in as many ways as possible, make it as ridiculous as you want.
  14. Start by describing the stars.

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