Writing Prompts #1

I am going to start a series of writing prompts for anyone to use. They are mostly aimed at fiction writers. They are just different ways to get a story started. Here is my first set there should be more to follow.

  1. Write the first line of five stories (all different genres) and each first line must start with the same three words.
  2. Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Write about a character who prefers the opposite.
  3. Write 10 or so lines of dialogue between two lovers fighting with no description then reverse the order of the lines.
  4. Write a storying where the world is flat and how that might be possible.
  5. Write about a day where a character does seemingly everyday things but it turns out they have an alterior purpose.
  6. Where was the location of your last holiday use that as the setting for your story.
  7. What is a career you really don’t want, write about someone in that career.
  8. Look outside, start a story with a description of the first thing you noticed.

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