Raspberry Smoothie


2 tablespoons vanilla yoghurt

2 tablespoons protein powder

1 handful frozen raspberries (or 1 handful of fresh raspberries and some ice blocks)

1/2 cup milk


Put all ingredients in a food processor or blender or whatever and blend until smooth and slightly bubbly. Pour into glass and drink or put it in the fridge for later or put it in the freezer and make an icecream thing.



4 thoughts on “Raspberry Smoothie

  1. I’ve been making a ton of smoothies lately, but mine are usually just a bag of frozen fruit (take your pick) plus enough whole milk to make it liquid (typically about 2 – 3 cups), a few tablespoons of honey, maybe a banana tossed in, and a teaspoon of vanilla blended together with the Ninja blender I received as a Christmas gift. Winds up being enough smoothies for the four people who drink them with leftovers and some thrown away. Sometimes I go with less milk and make it more ice cream like, or I’ll toss in some unsweetened cocoa and more honey for a treat.

    We’re on a strict budget these days.

    Oh, and occasionally I’ll make smoothies with frozen concentrated orange juice, milk, and vanilla (no honey, because it’s too much sugar already!) but I’m sure that’s not exactly healthy!

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