Poetry – Birds

I write poetry occasionally. Most of it’s silly and lighthearted. I always write rhyming poetry and I try to get it to have some form of rhythm. For me the rhyming is easier. Sometimes when I’m having trouble talking about something directly I find it easier to just write a poem.

When my Dad went over seas on a holiday a few years ago I wrote him a book of poems for him to read one a day. Some of them are quiet amusing and I thought I’d share one. If you like it I’ll share some more.


Some are colourful, some are plain,

Some are mad and some are sain.

Some are hunters, some are pray,

Some are quiet some will play.

Some can only make harsh noises,

While others were given very sweet voices.

Some can talk and imitate noises,

Others don’t have as many choices.

There are many types of bird,

And they all like to make themselves heard.


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